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« Well, bios are funny because they tell the story of the past of who you are in the present. I try to only live in the present and the future (as I said, try). Even though beginning my career in 1990 on the now legendary house label Strictly Rhythm as E- Culture, being Silkworm in the groundbreaking, Grammy winning Digable Planets, starting Ovum Recordings with Josh Wink, producing platinum remixes for Macy Gray, Solange, Donna Lewis and hundreds of others, winning the highest grant in the country as the first dj/producer, The Pew Fellowship or starting my empire, FiveSixMedia, I still try to live in the NOW and not the then.

So of course, now, I am a father, fiance’, musicologist of sorts and media revolutionary. My label and company FiveSixMedia, set the example of an individual who is able to live outside the box and show what freedom truly is.

Doing my own thing on my own time and assisting other to move into that space as well.

The future is bright because I say it is. Stop and smell the flowers. »

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What do you like in Philadelphia ?
Philadelphia is amazing. Not only is it one of the most important cities in American history, its one of the most important in music history. Me being a producer and dj, growing up in such a rich music city really shaped my existence. I love the food, the ease of transport, the people and the day to day hustle. Im also a Cultural Ambassador to Philly.

Your best records shops in Philly ?
The record stores in Philly are definitely dwindling. My favorites are AKA and The Marvelous

Your best clubs in Philly ?
Philly always has the club scene poppin. I would have to go with my original home Silk City and Johnny Brendas for seeing live music!

Your best parties in Philly ?
I don’t go to parties much when Im home, since the club is the last place I want to be. BUT, if I was to go out, I would go to Rob Paine’s Shakedown events at the Barbary, John Shenk’s Tantra Tonic events at various locations and Back2Basics monthly at Silk City with DJ Dozia!

Your best bar/pub in Philly ?
Best bar would have to be Kraftwork in Fishtown. Amazing food and a beer list that changes hourly!

Your best restaurants in Philly ?
Philly has so many restaurants to choose from. All styles and flavors. I eat at home more that anything but Dmitri’s comes to mind and Tangerine. Also Distrito is a really amazing spot!

Your best hotels in Philly ?
We are really lacking in fly ass hotels. Philly is still pretty old school in this department. The coolest though would be the Hyatt on Penn’s Landing. Rooms face the waterfront and its in a perfect location.

Some others best places/spots in Philly (museum, park, street, quarter, monument or others…) ?
People miss one of our favorite spots, The Rodin Museum. There are only 2 in the world here and Paris. They just remodeled it as well. Our Art Museum is to die for. One of the top 5 in the world. My favorite spot in the city is Kelly Drive. A wonderful place to just kick back and forget your in the city!

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