Stuttgart by Ralf Gum

Ralf GUM’s creating music since 1993. In 1997 he teamed up with mate CrisP. He worked with notable artists as Inaya Day, Michael Procter or the fascinating Concha Buika. He is well known for his succession of quality productions on labels such as Tommy Boy, Peppermint Jam, Flamingo Discos, Sole Music, Milk & Sugar, Infracom! or Compose. His remixes for acts like Hacienda or Billie Ray Martin have helped their songs become dance floor classics.

The hallmark of Ralf’s sound is his use of live instrumentation and funky harmonies coupled with his wicked house beats and very own crisp percussion. But the distinctive groove isn’t the only reason for Ralf’s success – his passion for all things soulful shines through in all he does and helps create a simply irresistible aura each and every time he emerges from the studio.

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Ralf Gum make us discover his Stuttgart.

What do you like in Stuttgart ?
The whole city centre with “Schlosspark” is nice.

Your best records shops in Stuttgart ?
Unfortunately not many left, so it has to be Humpty.

Your best clubs in Stuttgart ?
Definitely CLIMAX. For me one of the best, if not best club in Germany. Small intimate, good sound-system and and a hard partying late night crowd

Your best parties in Stuttgart ?
Are at Climax due to the aforementioned reasons.

Your best bar/pub in Stuttgart ?
Palast der Repubulik – not a real pub, more of an “beer garden”, but always a nice mood and cool mixture of people from all different backgrounds and scenes.

Your best restaurants in Stuttgart ?
Weinstube Vetter – high class, regional food in a minimal, but warm surrounding with a good choice of affordable wines.

Your best hotels in Stuttgart ?
Haven’t found that one yet…

Some others best places/spots in Stuttgart (museum, park, street, quarter, monument or others…) ?
Neue Staatsgalerie (museum with art from the last 700 years), Porsche Museum (great architecture and all kind of Porsches inside), Neues Schloss (city centred château), Wilhelma (nice zoo), Karlshöhe (nice relaxing area on a hill with a beautiful view on the city centre).

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